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League of Legends: Season 3 Free Champion Rotation Statistics

LoL Rotation Info

First Week:04.02.2013
Last Update:25.02.2013

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League of Legends Free Champion Rotation Statistics

Name# In RotationWeeksRatio %Last RotationJoinedLinks
Ahri040.00 14.12.2011Ahri Site   Ahri Spotlight
Akali040.00 BeforeAkali Site   Akali Spotlight
Alistar040.00 BeforeAlistar Site   
Amumu1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeAmumu Site   
Anivia1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeAnivia Site   Anivia Spotlight
Annie1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeAnnie Site   
Ashe1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeAshe Site   
Blitzcrank040.00 BeforeBlitzcrank Site   Blitzcrank Spotlight
Brand1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeBrand Site   Brand Spotlight
Caitlyn1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeCaitlyn Site   Caitlyn Spotlight
Cassiopeia040.00 BeforeCassiopeia Site   Cassiopeia Spotlight
Cho'Gath040.00 BeforeCho'Gath Site   Cho'Gath Spotlight
Corki040.00 BeforeCorki Site   Corki Spotlight
Darius040.00 22.05.2012Darius Site   Darius Spotlight
Diana040.00 07.08.2012   Diana Spotlight
Dr. Mundo040.00 BeforeDr. Mundo Site   
Draven040.00 04.06.2012Draven Site   Draven Spotlight
Elise040.00 26.10.2012   Elise Spotlight
Evelynn040.00 BeforeEvelynn Site   Evelynn Spotlight
Ezreal1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeEzreal Site   Ezreal Spotlight
Fiddlesticks1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeFiddlesticks Site   Fiddlesticks Spotlight
Fiora1425.00 12.02.201328.02.2012Fiora Site   Fiora Spotlight
Fizz040.00 BeforeFizz Site   Fizz Spotlight
Galio1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeGalio Site   Galio Spotlight
Gangplank1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeGangplank Site   Gangplank Spotlight
Garen1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeGaren Site   Garen Spotlight
Gragas1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeGragas Site   
Graves1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeGraves Site   Graves Spotlight
Hecarim040.00 17.04.2012Hecarim Site   Hecarim Spotlight
Heimerdinger040.00 BeforeHeimerdinger Site   Heimerdinger Spotlight
Irelia040.00 BeforeIrelia Site   Irelia Spotlight
Janna1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeJanna Site   
Jarvan IV040.00 BeforeJarvan IV Site   Jarvan IV Spotlight
Jax1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeJax Site   Jax Spotlight
Jayce040.00 06.07.2012   Jayce Spotlight
Karma040.00 BeforeKarma Site   Karma Spotlight
Karthus040.00 BeforeKarthus Site   
Kassadin1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeKassadin Site   
Katarina040.00 BeforeKatarina Site   
Kayle1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeKayle Site   Kayle Spotlight
Kennen040.00 BeforeKennen Site   Kennen Spotlight
Kha'Zix040.00 02.10.2012   Kha'Zix Spotlight
Kog'Maw040.00 BeforeKog'Maw Site   Kog'Maw Spotlight
LeBlanc040.00 BeforeLeBlanc Site   LeBlanc Spotlight
Lee Sin040.00 BeforeLee Sin Site   Lee Sin Spotlight
Leona040.00 BeforeLeona Site   Leona Spotlight
Lulu040.00 19.03.2012Lulu Site   Lulu Spotlight
Lux040.00 BeforeLux Site   Lux Spotlight
Malphite040.00 BeforeMalphite Site   
Malzahar040.00 BeforeMalzahar Site   Malzahar Spotlight
Maokai040.00 BeforeMaokai Site   Maokai Spotlight
Master Yi1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeMaster Yi Site   
Miss Fortune040.00 BeforeMiss Fortune Site   Miss Fortune Spotlight
Mordekaiser040.00 BeforeMordekaiser Site   
Morgana1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeMorgana Site   
Nami040.00 07.12.2012Nami Site   Nami Spotlight
Nasus040.00 BeforeNasus Site   
Nautilus1425.00 04.02.201313.02.2012Nautilus Site   Nautilus Spotlight
Nidalee040.00 BeforeNidalee Site   
Nocturne040.00 BeforeNocturne Site   Nocturne Spotlight
Nunu1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeNunu Site   
Olaf1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeOlaf Site   Olaf Spotlight
Orianna040.00 BeforeOrianna Site   Orianna Spotlight
Pantheon040.00 BeforePantheon Site   Pantheon Spotlight
Poppy040.00 BeforePoppy Site   
Rammus1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeRammus Site   Rammus Spotlight
Renekton040.00 BeforeRenekton Site   Renekton Spotlight
Rengar040.00 04.09.2012Rengar Site   Rengar Spotlight
Riven040.00 BeforeRiven Site   Riven Spotlight
Rumble040.00 BeforeRumble Site   Rumble Spotlight
Ryze1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeRyze Site   
Sejuani040.00 16.01.2012Sejuani Site   Sejuani Spotlight
Shaco040.00 BeforeShaco Site   Shaco Spotlight
Shen1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeShen Site   Shen Spotlight
Shyvana040.00 BeforeShyvana Site   Shyvana Spotlight
Singed1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeSinged Site   Singed Spotlight
Sion040.00 BeforeSion Site   
Sivir040.00 BeforeSivir Site   Sivir Spotlight
Skarner040.00 BeforeSkarner Site   Skarner Spotlight
Sona040.00 BeforeSona Site   Sona Spotlight
Soraka1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeSoraka Site   
Swain040.00 BeforeSwain Site   Swain Spotlight
Syndra040.00 14.09.2012Syndra Site   Syndra Spotlight
Talon1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeTalon Site   Talon Spotlight
Taric1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeTaric Site   
Teemo1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeTeemo Site   Teemo Spotlight
Thresh1425.00 12.02.201323.01.2013Thresh Site   Thresh Spotlight
Tristana040.00 BeforeTristana Site   
Trundle1425.00 18.02.2013BeforeTrundle Site   Trundle Spotlight
Tryndamere040.00 BeforeTryndamere Site   Tryndamere Spotlight
Twisted Fate040.00 BeforeTwisted Fate Site   
Twitch1425.00 12.02.2013BeforeTwitch Site   Twitch Spotlight
Udyr1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeUdyr Site   Udyr Spotlight
Urgot040.00 BeforeUrgot Site   Urgot Spotlight
Varus040.00 05.07.2012Varus Site   Varus Spotlight
Vayne040.00 BeforeVayne Site   Vayne Spotlight
Veigar040.00 BeforeVeigar Site   
Vi040.00 18.12.2012Vi Site   Vi Spotlight
Viktor1425.00 04.02.201328.12.2011Viktor Site   Viktor Spotlight
Vladimir040.00 BeforeVladimir Site   Vladimir Spotlight
Volibear1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeVolibear Site   Volibear Spotlight
Warwick040.00 BeforeWarwick Site   
Wukong1425.00 25.02.2013BeforeWukong Site   Wukong Spotlight
Xerath040.00 BeforeXerath Site   Xerath Spotlight
Xin Zhao1425.00 04.02.2013BeforeXin Zhao Site   Xin Zhao Spotlight
Yorick040.00 BeforeYorick Site   Yorick Spotlight
Zed040.00 13.11.2012Zed Site   Zed Spotlight
Ziggs040.00 31.01.2012Ziggs Site   Ziggs Spotlight
Zilean040.00 BeforeZilean Site   
Zyra1425.00 12.02.201325.07.2012   Zyra Spotlight


# In Rotation:How often was the Champion in the Rotation (Free playable)?
Weeks:How many Weeks attended the Champion the League of Legends
Ratio %:The Ratio from Num to Rotations
Last Rotation:The last Date a Champion was in the Rotation
Joined:The Date the Champion entered the League of Legends. Before means the Champion existed before this Statistics started.

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